Andreae Blog
Hello! It has been a busy few weeks here in Class Andreae. We have been continuing with our familiar story writing and are currently preparing ourselves to write our own stories based on our Class story ‘Giraffes can’t Dance’. We had our very own Jungle Dance, mimed different African animals […]

All Steam Ahead in Class Andreae!

Snow Blog
Hello from Class Snow! I would like to begin by saying a big well done to all of the children who bring their PE kit to school every Tuesday. It is great to see the children being so organised and responsible. We are currently very busy preparing for our Harvest […]

What makes us human?

Beck Blog
In Class Beck, we have continued our enquiry linked to the over arching theme of ‘All About Me’. We completed our wondering and following this, we had a class discussion on which questions would be most suitable to enquire into. We considered which questions could be looked at individually during iTime and […]

What important jobs are there and how do you get ...

Sparkes Blog
This burning question is the focus of our ‘All About Me’ enquiry. So far we have discovered that our closest relations in the animal kingdom are chimpanzees, with whom we share 99% of our genetic make – up. We have also discovered that the earliest humans evolved in Africa and […]

How did we evolve?

Kipper Blog
The children have settled in very well to nursery  and we are now making lots of new friends.       This half term we are enquiring about “How to be a good friend?”  As we look into this question further we hope this will; help the children to form […]

How to be a good friend?

Sport and PE are back in full swing this term inspired by a summer that was full of Olympic glory! A huge congratulations to the Y5/6 Boys and Girls 7-a-side football teams who competed at the Primary School Sports Partnership Football tournament in September. The boys went onto claim a fabulous victory and qualify for […]

PE & School Sport – Back In Action

Woollard Blog
We have been very busy since the beginning of term. The children have enjoyed thinking about what makes us human and why we are special. They have taken a particular interest in exploring celebrations and religions. We are in the process of organising a trip to St Mary’s church to […]

Autumn update

Butterworth Blog
The children have shown real enthusiasm about our current enquiry ‘all about me’, coming up with lots of exciting questions for us to explore and answer this half term. We used the children’s questions to develop two key questions to help us shape our enquiry: “What is inside my body […]

All About Me

Riordan Blog
Hello to all, I’d like to begin with another ‘thank you’ to parents and carers. Home learning has been completed promptly and returned which is great to see. Thank you for your support in this matter as it really helps to support the work we do in class. Another thank […]

Autumn has arrived…

We’ve had a busy few weeks here in Class Chancellor. We’ve wondered and wondered and finally begun to answer our Enquiry question: How can I best the most effective version of me? We’re looking at healthy eating, different food types and pushing our bodies to the limits.  We have begun […]

How can I be the most effective version of me?

Saunders Blog
Hello everybody, What an exciting and challenged filled past couple of weeks we have had in year 6. I want to start with a big thank you to all the parents who attended the year six meeting, if you were unable to attend all the information will be sent home […]

Class Saunders blog

Riordan Blog
Hello and a warm welcome back to all parents and carers. I have be inundated with summer holiday stories and it’s great to find out about what the children have been doing whilst we’ve been away. My first point is a big ‘thank you’ to all parents. The children looked […]

Welcome Back!